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Annual Conference

Bringing together advocates from HIV and beyond

A key part of the HIV Age Positively programme is our annual conference, which brings together a range of experts and HIV advocates to fuel discussions around the challenges facing people living with HIV.

COVID-19 is a new challenge facing our communities, and innovation is now more important than ever to support those affected by the pandemic. As we navigate COVID-19, the HIV community must come together in new ways to address the changing needs of people living with HIV.

To make way for these new discussions, the 2020 conference will not be going ahead this year as planned. For more information about how we are supporting the HIV community over the coming months, please contact: HAPconference@90ten.co.uk

2019 annual conference

The annual HIV Age Positively conference returned for its second year in December 2019. Building on the progress made the year before, the conference brought together a range of experts from outside the HIV space to provide inspiration and share innovative approaches that could help to better support people ageing with HIV in the UK.

Speeches were given by five new ‘Future Thinkers’ on how innovation can be used to address these challenges across the four key focus areas.

“We are better together than alone... By disrupting the traditional, siloed ways of working we can create a connected and powerful force, and continue to gain momentum together”.

- Dr Vanessa Apea, Keynote speaker

Future thinkers

Dr Vanessa Apea
Consultant physician and HIV specialist at Barts Health NHS Trust,
fellow at Royal College of Physicians and Medical Director of NAZ Project London

Ben Bowers
Men’s health advocate and member of the Movember Advisory Committee and innovation consultant

Dr Kate Allatt>
‘Locked in Syndrome’ patient, Fighting Strokes founder, author and patient advocate

David Olusoga OBE
Historian, writer broadcaster, and Professor of Public History at the University of Manchester

Simon Blake OBE
Chief Executive of
Mental Health First Aid England
and former chief executive of the National Union of Students, and Brook, the young people’s sexual health charity.

Dr Brian Beach,
Senior Research Fellow
International Longevity Centre UK

Julie Bretland
Our Mobile Health

Dr Andy Ustianowski
Consultant in Infectious Disease
North Manchester General Hospital

Marion Wadibia
Chief Executive
NAZ Project London

Having lived with HIV for nearly 30 years, Gilead’s HIV Age Positively conference and innovation fund gave me hope that with new thinking and better joined up working, we can all look forward to a better quality of life as we age.

Garry Brough, Interim Joint CEO, Positively UK

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