in HIV is not over

Over the years, the HIV community has pushed boundaries, broken down barriers and campaigned for positive change.

But as the first generation of people with HIV enters later life, new and unprecedented challenges are emerging, while many historic challenges remain.

We need
to innovate!

“Without continued innovation, the huge
improvements in HIV care we’ve all
benefited from could start to tail off. The
health challenges of ageing are
complicated enough, but with HIV there are
even more factors to consider...”

Chris Woolls
Director, River House Trust

Gilead’s HIV Age Positively aims for all people living with HIV to lead even longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives.

HIV Age Positively embraces the ethos of ‘thinking and doing things differently’ because the best solutions are rarely the most obvious ones, nor do they always come from the most obvious places.

To provide fresh perspectives, we work with ‘Future Thinkers’ – individuals known for ground-breaking work inside and outside the HIV space.

Our Future Thinkers work with HIV experts to inspire new approaches and solutions to the greatest challenges in HIV and ageing – as defined by the HIV Age Positively key focus areas.

Key focus

Key focus areas reflect areas of HIV care where innovation is needed to improve the lives of all people ageing with HIV. These have been identified based on existing evidence and literature , feedback from the community, and Gilead’s expertise in HIV and ageing.

+ Community Action

Ensuring the voices of people ageing with HIV are heard in decision making at a national or local level

+ Equality

Improving equality and equity to reduce stigma to enhance the health and wellbeing of people ageing with HIV

+ Personal Health

Empowering people living with HIV to manage their overall health and wellbeing, reducing social isolation and improving shared decision-making

+ Health Services

Addressing inefficiencies and gaps in HIV services while supporting awareness and adoption of best practices at a local, regional and national level

Innovation in action

Across the country, ten diverse projects supported by HIV Age Positively are already tackling the HIV ageing challenge

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